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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Micro Emission Ltd. recognizes the importance of the issue in the handling of private information as the corporate social responsibility.
  1. Basic Policy
    Micro Emission will strive for the handling, management, maintenance of private information in the purposes for acquisition, use, and offering.

  2. For providing private information
    Information which you provide to us either directly (during registration, through on-line forms, or via Email) or indirectly (data normally collected on traffic to this site) is covered by our Privacy Policy.

  3. For handling of private information
    We will not sell or release this information to any organization outside of Micro Emission without your knowledge and consent.

  4. For management of private information
    A through system of control shall be adopted to prevent the divulgence, loss and damage of private information.

Micro Emission may from time to time contact you with news about products or special offers which we feel could be of interest you.
We will address customer needs conscientiously and appropriately.

Micro Emission Ltd.
President and CEO : Tamotsu Yamamoto

Inquiry concerning individual information

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Phone +81-761-51-1420
Charge : Tamotsu Yamamoto

Policy date: July 20, 2008
Page Modified: July 20, 2008